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25 February 2011 @ 03:53 am
Day One, flying and arriving, but mainly flying  
Chicago: the internet here is a troll. Screw you Boingo. The network shows up without a lock and when I tried going online it takes me to it's site and I have to pay. Um, eff you.

So I just arrived at the Ohare airport in Chicago, Toronto time right now is just after 12:00 and my flight left around 10-10:30. But apparently I traveled back in time because it's just 11 o'clock now in dear old Chicago.

My first time being on a plane since I can basically remember was interesting yet quite boring at the same time. When lifting off the view literally wowed me. It was beautiful and it felt so surreal to see the world disappearing into tiny dots where a car looked like a speck of dust. Then because Canada right now is all trees and snow, it became the same thing and the brightness finally began to bother me. I think I may have fallen asleep because I remember looking outside again and it was completely white. You can probably guess that I pulled that shade down cuz damn, it hurt.

I'm pretty sure that the old man that sat one seat away from me (the middle was empty) was either really afraid of flying or he has OCD or ADD. One of the three! He kept shaking his watch in his hand while we were waiting to take off, he looked like he didn't want to be there, he kept changing what he was doing. Idk, idrc, the only thing that bothered me was my ears hurt cuz they wouldn't pop completely and I couldn't cross my long ass legs.

Now I have a 2 hour wait until my next flight. I'm really not looking forward to this flight, I'm going to be on the plane for 14 hours, fml. I'm going to try sleeping since I did pull an allnighter the night before so hopefully my tiredness will kick in at some point. I plan on watching a few of the anime series that I have put on my laptop during this flight, but I have no clue what I will do if my laptop dies. I didn't see any outlets where I could plug in my laptop on the last plane, and I think the battery life on this thing is like 5 hours right now.

Well I'm going to probably get food now or something and just come back to the gate after. I hope America takes Canadian money, they should, I mean we do it in Canada all the time... Like we take their money I mean.

Can't wait till I have Internet again and the network stops being a troll. This means I will probably see you guys tomorrow. Well see you online, and by the time this is actually put up it'll be the next day already.


And so I say goodbye to American/Canadian food. Just bought myself some American Mcdonalds since it is renowned for being a lot bigger than Canadian servings. It was delicious, actually their menu is a bit different than ours so I was slightly confused at first, unless Canadian mcdicks changed their menu recently and it's just been a while since I've had some. (It has been a while actually). So now I have a bit of a stomach ache, I hope this doesn't cause any problems on my flight, and you must know what kind of problems I'm talking about.

I overheard some girls talking about going to teach in SK, I'm so tempted to ask them why they picked SK since they don't seem to be into kpop, well I think so anyway. My flight should be boarding soon, actually kinda just freaked out.. it says it's supposed to be leaving now!!! Well I guess all I can do is wait really. fuck I just realized that my laptop time is an hour ahead... -_- freaked out for no reason. I still have quite a bit of time... great.

To be honest, I'm actually surprised that I've written so much and I'm not even half way there. Guess it's all part of the experience, I hope I have just as much to say throughout the rest of the week. OH! And I took a photo of the second coolest toilet I've ever seen in Chicago. The coolest so far was at a Japanese restaurant in Toronto which had a Japanese toilet, but this is a pretty cool American toilet. It freaking rotates the wrapping on the toilet paper! How awesome is that? Why are Canadian toilets so basic? -_-
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Also before I forget to mention it, the people here have accents! Kinda southern type accent, but it sounds so cool. I wonder if I have an accent to them

For some reason, I have decided to keep my McDonalds receipt. I think it's actually cheaper here than Canada, but I don't go often enough in Canada to really know. Guess I'll look at the prices when I get home a week from now. The only thing I was disappointed with here was that they don't take Canadian money and I had to use my credit card. Well I guess it's good that credit is taken everywhere, otherwise I'd be hungry =(

I'm considering buying a bottle of water before my Tokyo flight, just in case you know.

Just remembered, okay, how ridiculous is this. My Chicago to Tokyo flight lands at 5:25pm, my flight from Tokyo to Seoul boards at 5:30pm. HOW AM I GOING TO GET THERE SO FAST? OTL

Alright well I'm going to turn off my laptop for now until I get on the plane. Unless I think of something else that I want to write about. Hopefully the anime watching goes well and times goes by fast. Actually thinking about it now, I just want to sleep through the whole thing and was hoping the food would give me the itis, it didn't.

So I fell asleep for the first 4-5 hours of this 14 hour flight. Unfortunately at the moment my laptop is dying and I still have not seen any outlets that I could plug it into. Luckily there's only about 3 hours left in this flight and I will be arriving in Tokyo and staying for a very brief period of time.

For the past little bit, I’ve been re-watching the anime Ouran High School Host Club, can't believe I forgot how amazing this series is. I have about 6 episodes left in the series and then I can move on to a new one. Or finish Clannad like I told my friend Kim I'd do months ago...

So you know, after being on this plane for about 7 - 8 hours, most of which I was asleep for, I decided to finally ask when we would be eating. It was an hour after I asked that we got our food.

If you want to know the kind of food I was expecting it went along these lines: boxed sushi, bibimbap, kimchi, rice, etc.

The food they ended up giving us was beyond my expectations.... we got cup noodles.

Yes that's right, they're probably sold at your grocery store for under a dollar. I don't think I need to point out how disappointed I was with this. Like REALLY disappointed.

I took a few photos outside my window when we were passing by... idk where exactly we were passing by. Personally I'd like to say it was the arctic, but I may also be a bit stupid in thinking that. The ice and the patterns it made were really pretty, wish I didn't have a scratched up window so I could have taken better photographs.
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Ah, and while I was eating my… cup noodles -__- I took a break from watching anime, more just paranoia that I would spill it on my laptop, and watched the movie they were playing which was the Social Network. Now I've seen this movie a few times before because my theatre was playing it when it came out, so it surprised and irritated me very slightly that it was a censored version. Punk." Does not have the same epicness and flow of, "I'm CEO, Bitch." Dirtbag instead of douchebag, I think it was slimehole instead of asshole. Was it really necessary? Ahh idk, at least Andrew Garfield will always and forever look hot ☺

I think I'm writing so much because right now I really have no one else to talk to and in a way this long journey is a bit lonely, so by typing this it makes me feel like I'm communicating to everyone, although this will be up a lot later after it was typed.

It's quarter after midnight in Canada right now and about a quarter after 2 in the afternoon in Japan and Korea right now and I am still in the sky looking down on nothing else but white. I hope to see a change in scenery soon. Oh, and I really need to thank orangeinsanity, otherwise known as one of my most amazing friends, Filo. The owl watch you gave me with the two clocks as its eyes is pretty much the most perfect thing for me to always know what time it is either there in Canada or here in Asia. <3 It's like you knew this was going to happen aha.

My battery life on my laptop says 1.5 hours, but I know if I start watching videos that is definitely going to be cut in half at least. AH w.e, I'll just watch another episode of Ouran and see how much battery I have left. If anything I'll have my ipod.

So yeah my laptop ended up dying, I listened to music and watched as Japan finally came up under the clouds. It was so pretty, even though a lot of it was just farmland. Unfortunately the second I got off my 14 hour flight to Japan, my third flight which was finally taking me to Seoul was boarding right away. And so I tried to sleep for the most part on my flight to Seoul since this time I didn't have a window seat and it was so hard and uncomfortable OTL

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Arrived safe and sound, and tired. Found my friend's friend, and we ended up subwaying to my hostel. He pretty much pulled my luggage for me the entire way, and held my purse (I dare any North American guy to do this lol) when I was looking at the huge subway map. Why are Asian/Korean guys so nice and considerate?

Anyways, at the hostel and there are 4 Japanese girls in my hostel. And they like Big Bang... Awesome! Plus it was a good chance to practice my Japanese. Just stayed up talking to one of the girls who is leaving tomorrow, ah she was so sweet and even though I've only known her for a few hours, I feel like we had a good talk.

It's 3:45am here now and I should probably go to sleep, I'm going to see if I can try going to Big Show two days in a row :3

I will have pictures of Seoul soon enough!
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Feeorangeinsanity on February 24th, 2011 07:15 pm (UTC)
lol I am psychic. The pictures look beyond what I imagined. So pretty...
| Just another (fan) girl |hallerness on February 24th, 2011 07:21 pm (UTC)
Long post but I read everything! OK, a few things:

- That toilet is so cool! But still nothing beats the super high-tech toilets in Japan. I was so surprised they had them even in public restrooms.
- WTF, what airline offers cup noodles as meal especially for a 14-hr flight? That's just ridic.
- You have arrived yay! See you soon! ^^
Ryo Flameryoflame on February 25th, 2011 02:17 am (UTC)
WELCOME TO SEOUL~ too bad your flight had sucky parts >: I flew with Korean Air and everything went smooooth.

Loved the account though :3 makes me wish I'd done that kind of thing for my own flight.
r_k_r_nadler on March 1st, 2011 06:28 am (UTC)
I would carry your bags and hold the door any day.