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27 August 2010 @ 03:24 pm
1/182 Donnie Darko you have popped my project cherry  
One year from August 25th, 2010, I will most definitely have completed this project. Yes, I know I have high hopes for myself.

Donnie Darko was the start to my project. I had gone into this movie completely oblivious to what this film was about, so I had no expectations at all. Alright so let's get this review started.

Donnie Darko is not a film you cannot just stop watching half way through. To understand it and to see everything come together you need to watch until the very end. It has a very unique and unpredictable plot in which you are caught up in a mindfuck until the last scene. Well written, and a classic mindfuck.

Superb acting is superb. The cast of Donnie Darko delivered and brought a wonderful performance in which each character was presented well. Jake Gyllenhaal, although young at the time played the role of Donnie, a somewhat disturbed youth. His presentation of this character was so authentic it was scary.

The themes Donnie Darko takes on is part of what makes it so amazing. Free will vs. destiny is the most prominent, wherein Donnie must make the choice whether to follow what must be done, or to fight and decide for himself. Time travel is touched upon, alongside the idea of parallel universes.

Soundtrack: To be honest, the movie was wonderful, but the soundtrack was not memorable.

All in all, Donnie Darko was entertaining. It was fun, dark, enjoyable and a film that you must see if you have not yet already. Fun note: I did not realise there was a rabbit on the cover of the dvd until the movie was over / fail
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