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01 March 2011 @ 11:51 am
I caught Taeyang's towel, is anything else relevant?  
So the beginning of my actual stay in Korea begins. Let's start from Friday, February 25th.

My good Korean friend from Canada, Hyunjun, ordered my ticket for me back in January, because the ticket had to be mailed to a Korean address he sent it to his parent's house in Korea. He told me that I should go over between 3-5pm in the day and that his mom wanted to give me snacks but she spoke no English. So I thought to myself, I guess I'll just go and pick it up and maybe check out Olympic Park (where the concert was being held) to see if they had any extra tickets for today.

I woke up around 10:30am and took a nice long shower. After that long flight and moving into my hostel, it was definitely needed. The owner of the hostel moved me into the next room which had 3 Japanese girls staying in it, all of which liked Big Bang which I had already mentioned :) My friend Erin who teacher English in Korea helped me get a general direction to go in because I honestly had no clue where to go to get to Hyunjun's parents' place.

So for the first time I took the Korean subway alone. Ah, Canada's subway system did not have me prepared for this.
This is Canada's subway:
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And this is Korea's:
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If you're wondering, yes, yes I did keep a map of the subway with me at all times.

Aside their confusing subway map, their transit is a lot cheaper and the paying system is much more efficient than Canada's. If you have a T-money card, you can put as much Won on it as you want, and each time you go into the subway you put the card down on this machine for a second and it subtracts 900 won (equal to about 90 cents Canadian) from the card. Depending on how far you go, when you leave you also have to put the card on the machine, if you don't go too far it doesn't take off anything, if you go really far, it'll take off maybe 100-200 won. So the most I've paid to go in one direction has been 1,100 won (equal to about $1.10 Canadian). That is pretty sweet. Since for me to go to Toronto from Mississauga comes up to about $6.00 one way.

Ah, almost forgot to add this in. I needed to get a T-money card somewhere and I had no clue where any convenience store was so while I was walking around I decided to ask a girl who was beside me at the crosswalk. I said excuse me in Korean and then I was kinda like "T-money card (making a card with my hands) 어디? " Because I didn't know how to say Where can I get a T-money card, that basically translated to T-money card, where? OTL but in the end with many hand movements and both of us expressing our wishes of knowing the other language she helped me get a T-money card and I was on my way.

I really took my time getting ready because I had no real other plans for the day. So around 12:30 - 1 ish I left my hostel and began heading over to where I thought Hyunjun's parents' place was.
>ah, almost forgot to add this in. I needed to get a T-money card somewhere and I had no clue where any convenience store was so while I was walking around I decided to ask a girl who was beside me at the crosswalk. I said excuse me in Korean and then I was kinda like "T-money card (making a card with my hands) 어디? " Because I didn't know how to say Where can I get a T-money card, that basically translated to T-money card, where? OTL but in the end with many hand movements and both of us expressing our wishes of knowing the other language she helped me get a T-money card and I was on my way.

I arrived at Irwon station, which seemed really close to where I thought he lived since that was in the address he gave me. And because there were so many apartment buildings around, I was lost. Taking a taxi was really my only option, so I showed the taxi driver the address I was given and he took me there. Turns out the place was closer to the previous station haha. Also, I have to mention that the taxi rates here are also cheap! SO AWESOME. I paid 2,400 won ($2.40 Canadian approx.) In Canada (yes I'm going to compare because it's so amazing to me lol) that would've been at least between $8-$15.

I arrived an hour earlier than I was told to come, so I decided to stop by a cafe since 1. I hadn't eaten anything that day, 2. I had time to waste and according to the map there wasn't anything that would be exciting to see haha. It was a French type cafe called Paris Baguette. At first I was going to order a smoothie but they told me it was only seasonal, that left me disappointed so I looked around some more. I picked up this hotdog bun thing with mozza toppings on it, an almond pastry and a bottle of water which looks really cool. I sat down and ate my food while studying the subway map in hopes of somehow remembering something. Around 2:50 I decided to head back to the building.

Now I'm ngl, on the outside the apartment buildings did not look that great. They looked a bit run down and old, but holy the difference when you walked into an apartment. It looked brand new and so clean and just wow. Was not expecting that when I saw the building from the outside. His mom and dad were adorable, I don't know their names so from now on I will be referring to them as just umma and appa :) They greeted me and told me to sit down on their sofa. They gave me the ticket for tomorrow's (26th's) concert and umma began to take out small snacks and put them on the table. So the three of us sat together at the table and it was awkward as hell cuz they did not speak English at all and my Korean is really just basic. We ate the fruit and snacks and appa went on the computer to translate what he wanted to say into English. But google translate isn't that great it seems. The English that would come up just didn't make much sense. Then they called Hyunjun in Canada and talked to him and made him tell me what they wanted to say~

He told me that they wanted me to stay for dinner because I didn't really have anyone else there. (How cute!! >_<) But I told him that I had wanted to head to Olympic Park to see if they had any extra tickets for tonight and if possible I would come back for dinner. So he told them this and then the phone made its way back to me. He said that I would have to pick one or the other and I said that I really wanted to try because if I could go for more than one day that would be awesome. He said that they would drive me there, I asked if they were sure and he said that they were fine and they were worried about me (again, adorable)

We left and they drove me to Olympic Park. I thought they were going to leave but they ended up staying with me. We found the line for where extra tickets and started to wait. Somehow, I don't even understand, this line did not move for 30 minutes. But I didn't want to give up so easily, I really hate giving up. So we continued to wait, awkward language barrier still there. Then behind me I hear someone say to someone else "Do you speak English?" The person replied "yes" and the other person said, "I have extra tickets, do you need them?" Immediately I turned around and was like "I need a ticket!" The person only had two and the other wanted both even though they were in different areas. Desperate I almost pleaded, "do you have anymore extra tickets?" And she said no that was it. But the other girl that was buying them was like here, take this one. My heart lifted as she handed me the ticket and it turns out it was a standing ticket! So I paid the girl that was selling the 88,000 won that the ticket was and umma, appa and I left the line.

With the basic Korean that I know, they said they wanted to go eat. So I got my wristband that I needed to get in and we went to a restaurant nearby. Originally I had thought that we would go back to their place and eat and I would just come back on my own, but the dinner was nice. We had bulgogi, luckily I learned how to say I don't like onions in Korean a while ago, so when they did bring us the food, since for some reason they never take the onions out, umma, appa and I started taking out all the onions. They were so sweet. We were eating and umma kept filling up my little bowl with stuff from the pot telling me in a way I would understand (hand movements were our savior) that I'm going to need energy for all the screaming I would be doing at the concert.

After eating dinner, I thought they would leave but we went back to the stadium area and they got me hot chocolate and this other drink that would warm you up. They also bought me a this headband with the VIP crown on it (will update later with photo) and we walked to the line up area for the standing tickets. Again, I thought they would leave because it was 6:30pm and the concert didn't start 8pm and that would be an hour and a half they would wait with me. And they did wait, there wasn't much talking, but it was nice to not be alone.

I don't know what was taking security so long to screen each person, but it took forever for them to admit people in. So by the time they let my part of the line in, which was one of the last to go in, at 8:15. This Korean girl that spoke a bit of English and we talked for a bit and she translated what umma and appa were saying. She said that they probably didn't start the concert yet and it would be starting late. As our line was moving, I said bye to them and thanked them. I felt a bit sad, so I'm definitely going to write them a letter thanking them for everything again.

I went in with the girl and we hung out for bit before the concert started. But then it began. This intro video came up and they started off the concert by revealing the Jibe Kajima (Don't Go home) music video. IT IS SUCH AN AWESOME MV. It's so cute and adorable and if you thought the performances were amazing, this is even moreso amazing! LIKE OMG. Everything is so perfect. I just don't know why they didn't release this mv first since it kind of leads up the the Baby Goodnight mv.

And then...... BIG BANG came out. Finally, after being in love with them for so long, I saw them in person. I can't even properly describe how I felt. It was just a wonderful feeling.

I already thought they looked amazing in photos and videos, but somehow, I don't even know how, they looked 20 times better in real life. You can tell that they know they are hot. Seungri and G-dragon just oooze this sexual feeling. TOP he seems like such a sweet and simple man, but at the same time, just one look and you melt. His stare, even if it's not at you, is so intense, it's beautiful. I always thought of Taeyang as really hot, but in real life he seems more cute than hot which is weird. It's probably because he was smiling so much and his smile is so adorable that you just want to hug him. Then, there's Daesung.

Oh. My. God.

Way before I even thought of flying to Korea to see them, I told myself, Daesung is someone I would seriously marry. Like I'm not even kidding. If somehow he asked me to marry him, even now, with my life still beginning, no hesitation or anything, it would be a yes. And I don't even actually want to get married!

Seeing Daesung in person was like a dream for me, same with the rest of Big Bang, but he has been my ultimate kpop bias since the beginning. His smile was amazing. He had this energy that just surged through you and his voice. My goodness. His voice, actually running through my ears in person. It was wonderful, beautiful, gorgeous, there are not enough words to describe how incredible this was.

I'm not going to run you guys through each song because that wouldn't be that great, you'll see it all later whether it be fancams or when the dvd releases and also because I can't remember the exact order of everything :P

They went through a few oldies like Shake It, VIP and La La La, did their solos... the solos I will go through though!

VVIP live was great! I love the dance and I finally noticed that when the song goes "V V I P" they actually make the letters with their bodies. Seeing the fight was really fun and exciting and the way Seungri moves is unreal. He then did What Can I Do with a cool laser type jacket and that was awesome.

Next up was Taeyang, he performed Where U At and I'll be there. Taeyang is a dancing machine. Kinda sad he didn't perform I Need A Girl, cuz then I would have probably gotten to see Dara, but I like the other songs more so it was all good.

Then... Daesung's new solo song. It's called Baby Don't Cry. I cried. It's beautiful. No choreo or anything, just him simply standing in front of the mic, singing his heart out. And seriously, it was mind blowingly beautiful. There better be a mv for this song or at least his own full solo album. I need more Daesung in my life.

GTOP was next. The came in looking epic on the same segways from the Knock Out video from either side of the stage to the middle one close to me. They rode around in circles around each other while rapping to Knock Out. Went back to the big middle stage in the back where the giant tank from the mv as well. G-dragon jumped on it and rapped. Then when the song was over, Oh Yeah started playing and Bom came out! I'm so happy I got to see her live in person! She is so pretty and I really don't understand how the hell her dress does not ride up. Like if you think it looks short in photos, it's much shorter irl. She sounds great of course, but her voice seemed a bit higher during the concerts for some reason. The three of the came over to the middle stage by where I was and after the song was over, Bom disappeared into the bottom of the stage. High High came on and this song live is awesome. Your energy level gets ridiculously high and everyone started jumping up and down. What made this performance of High High compared to the other concert days was that the other members came out during the song and were dancing along. Daesung was close to me and he was having the time of his life.

What makes me really happy is that you can really see that every single member loves being on stage. They seem so genuinely happy to be there and you can tell through their performances and facial expressions that there is nothing else they would rather do.

The Secret Garden parody was hilarious. I haven't even watched Secret Garden and I didn't understand a thing that was being said, but everything was just so funny. Plus the Seungri TOP kiss and the GTOP kiss were ..... :) Daesung as the ahjumma omg. SMEEEEELLLLLLLLLLL &hearts

I'm pretty sure after they performed their new songs. The set for Cafe was like an actual cafe with each member in a different part of it. Cafe is my favorite song of the new mini and hearing it live was beautiful. Daesung's part especially, and TOP's deep rap >_<

I'm not sure around where, but they played the Tonight mv and everyone looked so good. I didn't notice that they didn't show us the complete mv but it was still good.

During Wonderful they actual went into the sitting audience and walked around allowing people to touch them. Those lucky people! I wish I was sitting in those areas, but being able to actually watch Big Bang perform for the most part so close to me was still great.

They then performed Haru Haru acoustic, Lies and I can't remember what song was after, but they disappeared. The crowd started cheering "Saranghae" over and over and of course I was too.

For about 5 - 10 minutes we kept cheering, until from the middle stage these yellow things were going up and they made the shape of the crown, like on the fanlight. Big Bang then rose from among it and I think it might have been Last Farewell that they performed. Seungri and GD were on those flying wires for a little and Daesung, Taeyang and TOP were going to all the different stages. They performed Heaven after and then Always, which is one of my favorite Big Bang songs ever.

Taeyang was in a white shirt and sunglasses and was dancing right in front of where the stage was from me. I was jumping and cheering like mad and then it felt like he looked at me even through those sunglasses and next thing I knew, he threw his towel. AND I CAUGHT IT. It was like he threw it directly to me. My hand closed around it with a tight grip and then I felt tugging from either ends where a bunch of short, Korean girls were trying to yank it out of my hand. But of course, I could not and would not let go.

Then it hit me, after they left it alone.

Taeyang danced in front of me, possibly looked at me and directly threw his towel to me, and I CAUGHT THE TOWEL WHICH TAEYANG WAS USING

This might be gross for most as it was covered in his sweat, but for me to have come all the way from Canada, luckily get a standing ticket for that night and then catch one of the members' towel made this trip so much more worth it for me. It was already worth just seeing them, but to catch his towel. That towel alone is one of my most precious memories now.

Taeyang, you will probably never see this, but I cannot thank you enough for making my night so much more amazing.

They performed Sunset Glow and the concert was over. They played NGs from their parody and then it was really over. I felt so overwhelmed when I was leaving but happy at the same time. I will never forget this.

Because I had been driven over I had no clue where the subway was, so I just followed the crowd and while I was walking in the same direction as everybody else, I heard English! So I was listening in and it was a British girl (idk why I thought it was an Australian accent they had) talking to her friends about how the girls there were screaming loud and how she just wanted them to shut up. Since it was funny I started laughing and then began talking to them. Of course I couldn't help but brag about catching Taeyang's towel and we then parted ways since we were heading in different directions.

When I got back to my hostel I went on fb and of course spazzed that I caught his towel and one of my friends proceeded to make the most amazing photoshop photo of me catching the towel.

And with this I shall end my post of the first day. I will write about the other days another time. It has actually taken me hours to write this and if the post is too long, I doubt anyone will want to read it. Thanks for sticking around to this part and
Voila~ here is the wonderful photo

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Current Music: Somebody to Love - Big Bang
Ryo Flameryoflame on March 1st, 2011 03:10 am (UTC)
LOL EPIC FANACCOUNT. Man I would have been thrilled to catch anything by the BB members, but I had an amazing time at Big Show, regardless. Aweeesoooome. And I loled at the Photoshop XD
Ochamaru101ochamaru101 on March 1st, 2011 03:26 am (UTC)
The fan account is awesome <3 I really love how you go into detail for Daedae XD Your voice must be hoarse now I presume from all the fanchanting haha~ Don't forget to drink some honey lemon water if you can so your throat doesn't hurt! And ee Hyunjun's mum and papa are so adorbs XD (Btw, this is Jessica keke :3)
Feeorangeinsanity on March 1st, 2011 03:50 am (UTC)
You should probably say Toronto/Mississauga instead of Canada, it's a big country okay! haha

and I love your friend that made that macro. It's amazing. And spending the day with your friends parents is cute, language barrier... not so much. Why is everything cheaper outside of N.America?
Nothing gold can stay.: Youngbaeprdarkstar on March 1st, 2011 07:04 pm (UTC)
What an adventure! So lucky you got to go and freaking catch Bae's towel of all things! Sniff the fuck out of it :D
Lynda.lyndaosaurus on March 2nd, 2011 06:29 pm (UTC)
Omg, I read everything and I'm really glad I did! Happy to hear that you had a really great time. :')

Jesus, so it IS true that basically all idols look so much hotter irl lolol, omg /burning with jealousy. u go girl! catching that towel away from rabid fangirls, haha. jw, does it smell? LOL.

Your friend's parents sound so adorable and sweet! What are you going to do now for your remaining time in Korea? ^^.