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14 April 2011 @ 12:31 pm
U-kiss' Bran New Kiss Album Review  
So I had to write a review for class, so I figured I might as well do something I'm familiar with. Kpop it was~ so I ended up doing U-kiss' new mini since it was Bran new at the time ;)

Take away the auto tune because you’ve really got yourself a brand new U-Kiss without it.
U-Kiss is a 7 member South Korean dance group. Last week they made their comeback on the music scene after a short 5-month break with their 5th mini album, “Bran New Kiss”.
Kibum Kim and Alexander Eusebio, two former members, left the group and were replaced right before this set of promotions by AJ aka Jaeseop Kim and Hoon Yeo.
With new members to balance out the vocals, U-Kiss made a transition from heavier dance/pop to a more melodic and calmer pop sound.
This change of new members and a new sound lost them many fans, but as a person who enjoys many genres of music, I found myself putting this album on repeat.
The lack of auto tune throughout this mini album when compared to their previous releases is a breath of fresh air.
“It’s Time”, their introduction track leads into the album very well with soft vocals and a delicate ambience building anticipation for the next song.
Their title track “0330” begins with a piano painting a peaceful scene and fades into the background but is still evident throughout the entire song. Emotional singing lures you in then a rap begins, but it’s not too heavy or in your face, which still keeps the mood of the song. The climax of the song is built up wonderfully with a powerful, hard-hitting note that almost pierces through your soul. U-Kiss’ live performances are always great to watch especially because of this climax.
“내게 아픈 말은(Naege appeun mareun/ Words that hurt me)” and “Every Day” are more upbeat when compared to the previous two songs, but the soft theme of their album is still apparent.
The last two songs of the album, “I Don’t Understand” and “Miracle” is like a blast to the past. The moment I heard them, I felt as if I was listening to a song from 10 years ago. Both are very fun, and “Miracle” puts you in a happy, feel good mood.
Overall their album stays consistent within itself but presents a brilliant new sound for the group as a whole. Change is not always bad, it leaves room for improvement, and U-Kiss has improved by miles. I definitely look forward to seeing them this month in Los Angeles.
tokidokilolita: Junho Drunktokidokilolita on June 21st, 2011 07:26 am (UTC)
They were amazing and so friendly irl btw