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05 July 2011 @ 01:46 am
SM Town Flash Mob In Toronto. from an organizer's point of view  
So other than Wonder Girls coming down here last summer, I'm pretty sure Toronto has been neglected from kpop almost entirely. Although I hadn't thought of the original idea to host a flash mob here, I saw a post about one on facebook. It wasn't an event page and it was hard to see who was organizing and it was very messy and not friendly towards those who weren't admins.
Instead I thought I'd help by making an event page for them and let them know that they could use it. The next thing I know, I'm organizing a flash mob. It was very stressful to say the least. I had to deal with young people (although I'm not that only, I'm only 19) complaining about everything.
"Why isn't (INSERT SONG) in the mash up?"
"Shouldn't the mash up be longer?"

Some girl even had the nerve to make her own mash up.... that was 12 minutes long. I don't know why she thought people would have the time or patience to learn 12 minutes of choreography or why people would even watch a video of people dancing for 12 minutes.

Anyway, after much frustration of constantly answering the same questions, I sent out a mass message to everyone who rsvp'd to the event covering everything people had issues with. Man, that message was practically an essay, but at least after that I was no longer receiving irritating questions.

By the end of the month there were over 300 people confirmed for the event and about 200 maybes. To me this was scary. I alone had to deal with that many people? Was what I was thinking to myself. But I figured, hey a lot of people won't show up even if they're confirmed online. So although it did make me a bit sad, we had maybe 150-200 people show up. Not too bad. The day went by very quickly to say the least. I had a new friend from Ottawa doing interviews and getting tons of great footage, so to say I was organizing this alone would be a lie.
I did promote two friends to admins on the fb event, and they were quite helpful though I do regret it because I later realized that they also began receiving notifications for every small thing that someone posted on the wall.

The only thing that counts at the end of the day was that we all had fun, met tons of new friends with the same interest and were able to come together for a common goal, getting ourselves a Toronto SM Town. If you don't have me on facebook or twitter, here is the video :)